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Luxury Silk Eye Masks

Luxury Silk Eye Masks

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Our Conscious Silk Eye Mask that come in pink, black and silver is hand-made from the highest grade of long-fiber 6A 100% pure 22-momme organic mulberry silk, that has been ethically harvested from mulberry silkworms.

Do you have trouble falling asleep? Our silk eye masks consist of two external silk layers and 4 internal layers of pure silk filling, unlike other sleep masks that are padded with polyester. Both external silk layers are made with a high thread count of 750, and together with the pure silk filling, these make our sleep masks luxuriously soft and comfortable for deep uninterrupted sleep and the perfect companion for travelling. Using one of our silk eye masks will help you to fall asleep more easily. 

Do you work night shifts? Our silk sleep masks are a slightly oversized design to assist in blocking out light so you can sleep soundly and uninterrupted during the day. The silk-wrapped elastic band is designed to comfortably fit most heads.

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