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SOHO Mara Méthode Traditionelle Rosé 750ml

SOHO Mara Méthode Traditionelle Rosé 750ml

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Beautiful & idealised, Mara, the older sister of SOHO’s Croatian Matriarch Peggy, is also the Madonna of the SOHO wine family. Handgrown on Waiheke & crafted using the Méthode Traditionnelle, Mara is a sparkling Rosé that epitomises style & finesse.

Wild strawberries & raspberries encased in tiny beads of fine mousse bounce off the nose, while 12 months of ageing “sur lie” in bottle delivers complex shortbread & liquorice notes. Magnificently poised with a jaw-dropping brut dry finish (zero dosage). Admired & desired by all, only this Madonna is attainable, but in very limited numbers.

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