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Mila Mae & Co Black Raven Candle & Wick Trimmers (550ml)

Mila Mae & Co Black Raven Candle & Wick Trimmers (550ml)

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This Mila Mae & Co limited edition, embossed, stainless steel 550ml vessel is in a stunning matte black finish with a rubber sealed lid. 

These stylish candles are bespoke, beautifully scented and hand-poured. Each and everyone is different in regards to their floral embellishments. 

Paired with an essential wick trimer which allows you to easily snip the wick to the right length before lighting. This ensuring the smoothest burn and reduces any unsightly black stains in your wax. Worth over $100 when purchased separately. 

Presented in a beautiful Devonport Flowers boutique box bag with tissue. 

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